Phorum Administrator Reference Manual

Maurice Makaay

Brian Moon

Thomas Seifert

Andy Taylor

Joe Curia

Table of Contents

1. Installation instructions
1.1. Requirements
1.2. Quickstart guide
1.3. Detailed installation instructions
1.3.1. Download Phorum
1.3.2. Unpack the downloaded archive
1.3.3. Place the Phorum files in your website's document root
1.3.4. Create a database and a database user
1.3.5. Configure the database access for Phorum
1.3.6. Run the web based installer
1.3.7. Things to do after installing Phorum
1.4. Additional issues
1.4.1. Additional issues for UNIX (Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc.) Cache directory
1.4.2. Additional issues for Windows Cache directory Problems sending mail to end users Date formatting
1.5. Support
2. Upgrading instructions
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Minor and Bugfix upgrades
2.2.1. Upgrading the database Upgrade preparations From a webbrowser From a system console
2.2.2. Upgrading templates and hacks
2.3. Major upgrades
2.3.1. Upgrade preparations
2.3.2. Convert the old forum data
2.3.3. Update the posted message counters for the users
2.4. Support
3. How to configure and use the Phorum Features
3.1. Global Settings
3.1.1. General Settings
3.1.2. Cache Settings
3.1.3. Ban Lists
3.2. Virtual Roots
3.2.1. What are Virtual Roots?
3.2.2. How do I create a virtual root?
3.3. Phorum Modules
3.3.1. What are Phorum Modules?
3.3.2. How do I install a module?
3.3.3. Modules included in the distribution Announcements BBCode Editor tools Event Logging HTML in posts Send mail through SMTP Simple Text Replacement Smileys Spam Hurdles Tidy Output Username Restrictions

List of Examples

1.1. Configuring slaves with the MySQL layer