2.2. Minor and Bugfix upgrades

2.2.1. Upgrading the database Upgrade preparations

The upgrading process will preserve all of your active settings and modules, but will overwrite hacks and any changes made to the default template (in the directory {phorum dir}/templates/default). Other templates will be kept intact.

Here are the steps for upgrading:

  • Backup your existing Phorum5 installation. Before doing an upgrade, it is always wise to make a good backup of your running system. Make a backup your Phorum install directory and the database in which your Phorum tables are stored
  • Download a newer Phorum5 package
  • Delete the folder include/db/upgrade for making sure that you have the correct db-upgrade-scripts.
  • Extract the files and put them on top of the current installation
  • Keep the database settings from {phorum dir}/include/db/config.php the same

Now you can choose whether you want to upgrade from a webbrowser or from a console. From a webbrowser

Open your forum using your webbrowser. In case a database upgrade is needed, you will be prompted to go to the admin page. In that case open the {phorum url}/admin.php page, which will guide you through the upgrade. From a system console

In the scripts directory of your Phorum installation, you will find the script "console_upgrade.php". Go to the scripts directory and execute the script from there. On most systems, you can do this using the following command:

          shell>  php console_upgrade.php

If you want to run this script from a different locations, then edit the script and update the $PHORUM_DIRECTORY variable to match the location of your Phorum installation.