Chapter 1. Installation instructions

Table of Contents

1.1. Requirements
1.2. Quickstart guide
1.3. Detailed installation instructions
1.3.1. Download Phorum
1.3.2. Unpack the downloaded archive
1.3.3. Place the Phorum files in your website's document root
1.3.4. Create a database and a database user
1.3.5. Configure the database access for Phorum
1.3.6. Run the web based installer
1.3.7. Things to do after installing Phorum
1.4. Additional issues
1.4.1. Additional issues for UNIX (Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc.) Cache directory
1.4.2. Additional issues for Windows Cache directory Problems sending mail to end users Date formatting
1.5. Support

1.1. Requirements

Requirement for running Phorum are:

  • A webserver (like Apache or Microsoft IIS);
  • PHP, version 5.2 or above;
  • A MySQL server, version 5.0 or above.

If you do not run your own website, but have hosted your website with a hosting provider, then please ask your hosting provider if your account meets these requirements.