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Phorum 5.0.15a Released

This is just a bug fix release. Some of these fixes are things that were reported as security issues. However, upon review they could not replicated in a manner that caused a security problem or were deemed not anything that was a true risk to anyone. At best there was some bad error messages and such.

Release: phorum.5.0.15a

* Fix bug introduced in 5.0.15. Paginig was not possible on list.php

Release: phorum.5.0.15

* Better handle invalid input for page value in url. - brian (03/10/2005)

* Better handle invalid input for user_id in url. - brian (03/10/2005)

* Redirect URL needs to encode the url parts - brian (03/10/2005)

* fixed bug in email-panel of cc - ts77 (03/09/2005)

* Subscriptions now changed when threads are moved. - brian (02/28/2005)

* Fixed a possible XSS issue - brian (02/22/2005)

* Forum id carried in group parts of CC now. - brian (02/22/2005)

 Category: New Release    Written by brianlmoon at 2:03pm on March 10, 2005