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Phorum 5.0.13 Released

Janek Vind aka "Waraxe" notified us of an SQL injection issue exploitable via follow.php. That prompts this release that has some other changes as well.

Release: phorum.5.0.13

* Added a lot of code to check for invalid input - brian

* Requests for passwords for users that have not verified will not be
sent a new verification email - brian (11/09/2004)

* some more precautions for html-entities - ts77 (11/08/2004)

* logout works with empty REFERER now too - ts77 (11/08/2004)

* fixed wrong message counts in threaded list - ts77 (11/03/2004)

* fixed backurl in controlcenter while being in a forum-folder - ts77

* removed requirement to specify a description for forum/folder in
the admin - ts77 (11/02/2004)

* fixed user_template and user_language to allow the "default"-value
- ts77 (11/01/2004)

* fixed bug #531, msgs with attachments didn't get the right status
in moderated forums - ts77 (10/29/2004)

* Escape the HTML in name and description when editing - brian

 Category: New Release    Written by brianlmoon at 3:11pm on November 10, 2004