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patch for optional name display handling...

Posted by caffiend 
patch for optional name display handling...
July 21, 2003 07:47PM
This patch will give you the option of either displaying member names in the old style "Real Name" or the new way "Username".

Unzip it into your phorum directory and apply it with "patch" either on a Unix system or using Cygwin.

patch -p1 < patch-phorum-3.4.4name

to remove

patch -R -p1 < patch-phorum-3.4.4name

open | download - (1.9 KB)
This patch works well! Suggesting it for everyone who are missing the "realname" posters =)

But there's one slight thing that is missing, it wont patch your read.php. So when you are reading the post, you still see the account name anyway.

Here's the diff to patch read.php

< $author=htmlspecialchars($user['username']);
> if (empty($DisplayNameType)) {
> $author=htmlspecialchars($user['username']);
> } else {
> $author=htmlspecialchars($user['name']);
> }
Re: patch for optional name display handling...
March 22, 2004 01:28AM
I noticed that there's also file called preview.php that needs to be patched against if you want to make sure everything is working.. Dont have the patch right now as its not as straight forward as previous one..

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