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Categories within one forum

Posted by ThomasGreve 
Categories within one forum
February 07, 2003 09:10AM

I like to use one forum instead of several. But I like to have categories too. So I add a "Etikett" to the database and the post-form.
Now the poster can decide to which category his posting should belong to but anyway all postings can be seen in one flat forum. The graphic "Etikett" then shows to which category the postings will belong to.

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Re: Categories within one forum
February 07, 2003 07:56PM
This is a nice idea. Is it as simple as you say (like adding the field in the DB
and the post forms and output templates) or does it require deeper
knowledge about phorum's internal structures?
( It would, however, make even more sense
if the category were available as an option in the "search" form, too.)
Re: Categories within one forum
February 08, 2003 02:52AM
Hello Uli,
it is as easy as I told.
1. add a field in the database table for the headers of the postings.
2. add a column in threads.php and multi-thread.php and display the "etikett".
3. add the radiobuttons for selektion in the form.php
4. add some information in the footer.php

You are right, I will try to add an option in the "search" form too.
Thanks for that hint.

Re: Categories within one forum
February 08, 2003 09:26PM
Hi Thomas,
I'll have to put in some more effort,
because I want to use this feature only in some, not
all forums ... but thanks for the details, that will
get me started.

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