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New Hack! User defined startforum

Posted by JackS 
New Hack! User defined startforum
August 29, 2002 04:46PM
Ok folks, heres is another hack :)

I´ve coded it, because its a good way to go fast to specific forum. My phorum has about 40 forums with 10 folders in 3 see, i need such a function.

Let's start (Sorry for my shiti sql statements...)

First you have to make a new col calleds "watch" in forums_auth:

ALTER TABLE `your_table_main_name`.`forums_auth` ADD `watch` VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL;

Second edit some files (login.php; profile.php; register.php)

Look at atachments...i will later do a step by step i you would like...

In lang.php file put: $lwatch="Startseite:"; (or "startpage:"...)

Should work...i have you have questions feel free to answer.

Best regards & good luck.

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