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Ban User Hack

Ban User Hack
June 14, 2002 05:35PM

I have put together a little User banning hack. It has been tested on 3.3.2x

It uses cookies to ban as i.p. banning is pointless as most people have non-static ip addresses. Their is nothing to stop a user from deleting the cookies and signing up a new username but its as good as you'll get.

If a user has the banned cookie on the computer and logs in as another user that user becomes set as banned also.

It bans per forum and not per phorum install. So a banned user form forum 1 can still post on forum 2 etc.

To ban a user use easyadmin and you will have an extra action. Click ban and the user will be set to banned.

Currently Users can't be unbanned (unless you delete them from the user_banned table that is) this is why it is in beta hacks.

I will post the other tow files you need after this message with install instructions.

John Wards
open | download - common.php.txt (13.6 KB)
open | download - easyadmin.php.txt (9.4 KB)
Here is the other files you need.

To install:

save all .php.txt files as .php

over write ./common.php

over write ./include/post_functions.php

over write ./admin/pages/easyadmin.php

Run the SQL in user_ban.sql.txt

I hopefully will have a phorum based unbanning system done soon.

I will copy and past the code i have so far to see if someone can beat me to it

open | download - post_functions.php.txt (19.2 KB)
open | download - user_ban.txt (154 bytes)
Re: Ban User Hack
October 29, 2002 03:46AM
If you could fix easyadmin that'd be great.
Re: Ban User Hack
November 06, 2003 12:02PM
Great idea, just what I need. However I get an error while trying to run this on the latest version (3.4.4); when posting there's an undefined function in post_functions.php... Anyone got this to work with newer versions?
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