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Require Login in added pages

Posted by Kicker Rock 
Normally I use the


for showing content in added pages on my website only to members
but i would like to have to use the redirection function
like trying to attempt a forum that requires login.

i guess it's around here:

// including the user-authentication
include ("$include_path/userlogin.php");

if(!defined('PHORUM_ADMIN') && $DB->connect_id){
// check security
if($ForumFolder==1 || $f==0){
$SQL="Select max(security) as sec from $pho_main";
$q->query($DB, $SQL);
$max_sec=$q->field('sec', 0);


if(isset($phorum_user) && !$phorum_user['moderator']){
if((isset($ForumSecurity) && $ForumSecurity==SEC_NONE) || (($ForumFolder==1 || $f==0) && $max_sec==0)){

if($ForumSecurity==SEC_ALL && !isset($phorum_user['id'])){
header('Location: '.phorum_loginurl($REQUEST_URI));

but how can I activate it for a certain non-phorum page
like news.php or similar that includes
the header.php and common.php files?!
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