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Icon and size of attached files

Posted by Yann 
Icon and size of attached files
April 11, 2002 09:17AM
Hi all,

I did some basic hack on phorum 3.2.11, to display 2 things when a file is attached to a message:
- one icon next to the message line
- the file size on the message display window.
The result can be seen on my site: []
(French web site dedicated to cacti & succulent plants).

If this is not already in the last version of Phorum, and if you are interested in it, I can send you the needed modifications (if what I did on 3.2.11 could apply on last version of Phorum).
As my forum users are attaching only plant photos, I have only one icon. But one could design a system with different icons depending of the file type (.txt, .jpg, .png, .doc, .xml, etc.)

I have sort of a similar question.

I modified the multithread.php file in order to display an icon next to the subject line whenever a moderator/admin posts a message:

$subject="$subject<img src=\"[]\" border=\"0\" hspace=\"6\" alt=\"moderator\">";
} else {

Now I'd like to know if it's possible to display a different icon when a special user (for instant user No 3) posts a message. How to I indicate this? Any suggestions??
Thanks for your help.
Re: Icon and size of attached files
April 16, 2002 12:16PM
Yeah mate, I'd be interested in this hack, although I'm using Phorum 3.2.2a.

Please, drop me an email...

Thanks in advance,


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