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ICQ - send message from user profile

Posted by Pavel Rùžièka 
After this hack is used, the users can send messages directly to ICQ from the Phorum.
An example is on the [] - click on ICQ flower

Add attached file as icqpager.php to the phorum directory. To the images directory place image ico_icq.gif (copy from the example phorum), info.gif and icqanim.gif. Language file and CSS file copy to the include directory.

This hack using multiple language phorum (as described here [] ) but it not required (the parameter lg can be removed from links).

In the profile.php replace:

<?PHP echo $rec['icq']; ?> <img align="absmiddle" src="[] echo $rec['icq']; ?>&img=7" alt="ICQ Status" border="0">


<?php echo "<a href=\"icqpager.php?icqnum=$rec[icq]&icqname=".URLEncode($rec['name'])."&usremail=$rec&amp;icqemail=$phorum_email&amp;lg=$lg\&quot; target=\&quot;_blank\&quot; onClick=\&quot;;icqpager.php?icqnum=$rec[icq]&amp;icqname=&quot;.URLEncode($rec[&#039;name&#039;]).&quot;&amp;usremail=$rec
open | download - icqpager.txt (4.2 KB)
open | download - icqpageren.txt (303 bytes)
open | download - icqpagercss.txt (615 bytes)

thank you for this hack...

Just 4 places i noticed the same error in the lines of code you posted in your message above. I'm pretty sure the missing text was caused because the forum parsed it as the e-mail command rather than a text string


should be

usremail=$rec[*email*] <--------- remove the asterisks *.

I did that else the forum would process it as the email tag rather than text.
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