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Users can enter smileys by the click

Posted by Pavel Rùžièka 
Can you please repost the attachment? With the adjusted files?

Copy the file plugins/replace/settings.php to admin/setting/replace.php

It should be working then...
Can't use the smile
February 16, 2002 10:48PM
One of the smile cannot be used
Re: Can't use the smile
February 25, 2002 07:40PM
The entersmile.txt attachment above appears to be corrupted....
Re: Can't use the smile
March 24, 2002 07:24PM
I installed the smileys program (entersmile.txt attachment). It works, but when I pick the icons in the editor I get the text version and not the image of the smiley. What do I need to do to fix this.
Thank You,
Re: Can't use the smile
March 25, 2002 07:53AM
normaly if you click on a smiley the text version IS insert into the text field. After posting the message the text version of the smiley is converted into the image. So if you look at the posting the image should be there. As far as I know there is no possibility to display an image in the input box at all.



Re: Can't use the smile
April 03, 2002 10:28PM
I have new version with special DHTML editor for posting HTML formatted postings. Because I must "hack" read_functions.php for show normally HTML (may case cross-scripting bug or other security errors), I dont want publish it here.
If someone interested in, should be contact me by mail or ICQ 22635022 - I will send set of needed files to him.
Re: Can't use the smile
April 08, 2002 01:06PM
hey u must do fast coz i have phorum verson 3.3.2a and using ur script the html is not getting compiled pls help me fast
Re: Users can enter smileys by the click
May 01, 2002 07:31AM
Pavel Rùžièka wrote:
> Simply add to the form.php this script (should be at the
> beginning):
> <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
> <!-----
> function InsSm(sm)
> {
> document.form1.body.focus();
> document.form1.body.value=document.form1.body.value+sm;

Well, a
should do the same with less typing ;)

> <a tabindex='-1' href="javascript:void InsSm(':-)) ')">
> <img src="images/smileys/2.gif" width="15" height="15"border=0>
> </a>

You could even replace (with newer browsers) replace the link with
an onCLick statement for the img tag (but the above should be more compatible).
I would even suggest to add Phorum-Code-Buttons like that.

Two discovered drawbacks:
The smilies are displayed even with not JavaScript available.
You have to do the synchronisation with replacement plugin manually.

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