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New features added

Posted by Boon 
New features added
July 22, 2001 11:53PM

I have a complete hack on the following,

1. Escalation List - Escalate to a higher level (mgnt) for decision making (HTML based Email from selected thread)
2. CC List - Additional field right after the Email, to allow multiple CC separated by either , or ;
3. Thread Message Status - Open/Pending/Close status attach to each topic
4. Empty Subject field : by default, empty Subject RE:xxxx

To do list
- Allow weird characters and spacing in attachement
- Search accross Folders and Forums
- Allow user to spefified start and end date for search
- Probably grab the hacked login code and modify according to suite my need

Let me know if i miss out something or if where can I upload my modified code/DB structure :?)
Re: New features added
July 23, 2001 01:31AM
you can upload it here via attachment. Also dont do the login, cuz 3.3 got it.
Re: New features added
September 04, 2001 09:12PM
send more info
Re: New features added
October 23, 2001 02:24AM
working on hacked were based on 3.2.11...

will upload the code once finish and happy with it
Re: New features added
May 20, 2002 12:28AM
Any eta for this one yet? Currently running 3.3.2a and especially interested in escallation and altering Thread Message Status (Open, Pending, Close)
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