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Top X Authors Hack

Posted by Vulpes 
Re: Top X Authors Hack
January 15, 2003 10:50PM
Any one got this work on 3.4 stable ?
Re: Top X Authors Hack
January 17, 2003 06:21PM
Dunno if it is stable... but it is running smoothly :)

BTW: I didn't added the Top 10 link to the HTML setion but in the "addnavigation" php section. I found this more convenient.

Hmm about a Top10 of total posts... I'm really not in PHP, but should be possible by running a ount over all forums. Problem is first there must a query to get all forum-ids from the master table. Then for each forum the user postings must be counted and stored and finally an output must be created.
Shouldn't be too difficult but I dunno about workload. Maybe one of the pros could tell me.
Re: Top X Authors Hack
February 15, 2003 01:54PM
I also couldn't find the lines in list.php anyone know around what line they are on?
Anonymous User
Re: Top X Authors Hack
February 25, 2003 05:00PM
Those lines are different in the 3.4.1 version.Just add the piece of code after the "end navigation" (at the end of the page).
But the code seems alsoto be different cause when i click on the link it doesn't find the page.
The "&f=x" isn't get, the "&top=x" no more ...

Mike McG.
Re: Top X Authors Hack
June 11, 2003 03:23AM
Anyone know how to get this feature to work for Phorum 3.4.3?
I can get the HTML page set up with a 'top.php' script, but it doesn't list any stats. I know I have to adjust something in 'list.php' but the lines I was pointed to refer to an older version & aren't there in 3.4.3.

Any ideas???
Re: Top X Authors Hack
August 30, 2003 07:36AM
if works fine for 3.4 by adding the

// Top 10
addnav($menu1, $ltop10, "top.$ext?f=$num$GetVars&top=10");

in the list.php after the

// Members
//addnav($menu1, $lMembers, "$members_page.$ext?f=$num$GetVars");

for example.
Portuguese MArio
Re: Top X Authors Hack
January 06, 2004 05:46PM
does it works on 3.4.6 ?
Re: Top X Authors Hack
May 03, 2004 11:23AM
Yes, it works fine in phorum 3.4.6


Re: Top X Authors Hack
May 03, 2004 06:59PM
I don't ùnderstand...It's not work with my 3.4.6....??!!??
I change the line in the "top.php" :
echo "<a href=\"list.php?f=$f\">Back</a>\n";
echo "<a href=\"$list_page.$ext?f=$f\">Back</a>\n";

I pùt the line in the right place :
// Top 10
addnav($menu1, $ltop10, "top.$ext?f=$num$GetVars&top=10");

And it's not working ??? someone can help me ??
Re: Top X Authors Hack
May 06, 2004 04:03PM

... and also in english.php (or your language) add:
$ltop10 = "Top10";

Re: Top X Authors Hack
May 08, 2004 07:18AM
yes...shi*..i forgot this.....thank ù very well it's working fine now...nice script....
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