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Posted by sanjiv 
replying message
July 16, 2004 04:54AM
Hi all,

Presently, when I click on reply message in read.php , it takes me to replymessage form in the same page.

Now, I want to open it in separate window. For this, I did these things ---

addnav($menu2, $lReplyMessage, "$read_page.$ext?f=$f&i=$id&t=$t$GetVars#REPLY");

replace above with below one

addnav($menu2, $lReplyMessage, "$post_page.$ext?f=$f&i=$id&t=$t$GetVars");

and commented - require "$include_path/form.php";

So, now it is opening in separate window . but message posted is going as a separate thread and not under the parent under which it is replied.

I think, somewhere, I am losing parent and thread Id.

Can anyone help me.

In anticipation of early reply.

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