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wich version?

Posted by Fil 
wich version?
June 01, 2004 05:15AM
Hi, I'd like to upgrade my 3.3.2 phorum version.
I saw last stable version is 3.4.8a, but 5.0.6, tough it's beta, seems to be almost stable, cause there are several bag-fixing done since march to th end of may.
My question is: 1) is it coming out a new, final, stable version of Phorum5? If you say that stable phorum5 is coming out in...let's say...a couple of week, I'll wait for it of course.

Two other question (sorry if I bother you) to better undestand wich version I've got to install:
2) is phorum5 that better than 3.4.8a? Or maybe there are just few improvement so that I'd rather install 3.4.8a without waiting (even it's only a matter of weeks) for new stable version?
3) phorum 3.4.8a need a new db (meaning I'll lose old posts)? and what about phorum5? Because if with 3.4.8a I can "save" old post, but not with 5.0.6...also in this case I'll probably choose to go for 3.4.8a without waiting new stable version

Sorry for my english...hope you understood :-//

Thanks a lot
Re: wich version?
June 01, 2004 05:28AM
One thing: I know that I can find at least 2 answers for my 3 questions in, but I'd like to have an expert suggestion ;-)

Thank you

ps: what do you think about opening a new forum called "Phorum3 vs Phorum5" beside existing "phorum3" and "phorum5 forums? It would be the right place to post questions as theese I've just posted!
Anonymous User
Re: wich version?
June 02, 2004 04:04AM
why do you post this in the modders-forum?

1. it will get out, yeah. no promises on the timeframe
2. yeah, it is better
3. you will need to upgrade to 3.4.x also if you want to upgrade to phorum5. the conversion-script from phorum3 to phorum5 only works with phorum-3.4.x-tables.
as usual - make a backup first!

Re: wich version?
June 03, 2004 05:23AM
Hi thomas, tnx a lot

I posted here cause I didn't know where to post a message related to both phorum3 and phorum5, that's qhy I asked to open a new forum for this kind of question

btw, sorry for that and thank you very much...I'm going to do as suggested :)

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