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"Moved" thread message?

Posted by sheik 
"Moved" thread message?
December 03, 2003 11:52AM
Has anybody hacked a way to show when a thread has been moved out of a forum? Currently you can move threads fine but the users following the thread won't know unless they go hunting for it. This can lead to annoyance or accusations of censorship ;-)

I thought of adding a hack that does the following when you click "move"

- create a new message, with the original authorname and subject, with a "MOVED" message appended to the subject.
- the body text of the new message would just state, "this thread has been moved" and would provide the relevant link
- the new message would of course be set as a closed thread.

I think the above would be the easiest and fastest way of creating this hack. It would be nicer to have the actual link in list.php go to the moved post but this would require mode code IMHO.

So, has anybody done this already?

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Re: "Moved" thread message?
December 03, 2003 09:15PM
you just need to not delete the old post, change its body and delete the answers.

January 01, 2004 06:59PM
just an idea...
in move-thread.php file, change :
line 256
$sSQL = "Delete from ".$ForumTableName."_bodies WHERE ".$ForumTableName."_bodies.thread = ".$idt." and parent!=0";

line 258
$sSQL = "Delete from $ForumTableName WHERE $ForumTableName.thread = ".$idt." and parent!=0";

Then add 2 requests:

$sSQL1 = "UPDATE ".$ForumTableName." SET subject='MOVED ==> ".$subject." ' WHERE (".$ForumTableName."_bodies.thread = ".$idt." and parent=0)";

$sSQL2 = "UPDATE ".$ForumTableName."_bodies SET BODY='MOVED' WHERE (".$ForumTableName."_bodies.thread = ".$idt." and parent=0)";

Instead "Moved" in $sSQL2, you can create a link toward the moved message... see lines 8 and 211 for the URL
It's just an idea, I'm too busy to try it. Save all you db and move-thread.php file before trying it.

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Re: Peoples Community Bank
February 03, 2004 03:23AM
stopped due to deceptive practice w kuzma jr
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