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Add "Register Here" link to list.php

Posted by Piers 
Add "Register Here" link to list.php
November 16, 2003 01:53AM
Can anyone offer a way to neatly add the "Need a Login? Register Here" link found on login.php onto list.php? (v3.4.4) Ideally it should sit next to "Log In".

Re: Add "Register Here" link to list.php
March 10, 2004 04:34AM
Hey, I just finished hardening the Server here and i was wondering if someone that knows how to hack webservers can try and hack my server. most likely he won't succeed but i wont to make sure i did a good job. My site is As i said the site is bullet proof but you can never be too sure.
Re: Add "Register Here" link to list.php
March 17, 2004 11:09AM
Hi there!

Hope this helps:

in the list.php file locate the following lines:

addnav($menu2, $lLogOut, "login.$ext?logout=1&f=$f$GetVars");
addnav($menu2, $lMyProfile, "profile.$ext?f=$f&id=$phorum_user[id]$GetVars");

That's what you see on the navigation bar. To have "Need a login..." add the following line in there (preferably after ligin line, before my profile):

addnav($menu2, $lRegisterLink, "register.$ext?f=$f&target=$target$GetVars");

This should do the trick I think.


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