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Posted by paddy 
November 12, 2003 03:15PM
hey guys,

i'm looking for some kind of script, that would enable me to see on the mainpage of my homepage the information if i am logged in, because i have also a small community running with the same database and table, so that users see if they are logged in also to the PHORUM.

in addition i would like to have a script, that can be included on my logon script for the community, so users can logon easily to both things at one time, same with logoff function.

does anyone of you have an idea how to do that? because i tried just to link via include(); the file with the login and logoff function, but because of the different address of the other logon script, he always couldn't find some include();s or require();s.

thanks ppl


special greetz to all german and chinese ppl in this phorum community
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