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What about private messages ?

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What about private messages ?
October 19, 2003 10:18PM
i wonder if somebody has ever done a mod for phorum to integrate a private message script, or if it's gonna be done soon ?

It would be cool that members could send messages to other members, but a script lighter than those of phpBB & co witch uses lots of ressources ...

Re: What about private messages ?
November 06, 2003 09:50AM
I did a script that enables registered users to send messages via centered textfield popup -> into DB -> and to user as soon as he changes a site.

you could test it as a registered user on my site
after the login you can choose a user in the memberlist and send him (me for example as MICHAEL) a short message by clicking "TELEGRAMM SENDEN".

It would be quite nice to add an icon to the standard navigation bar where the popup opens and you can choose a user by SELECT menu.

I am working on that.

If anybody wants to help me with the script to make it a "perfect" phorum feature please email!!
Re: What about private messages ?
March 27, 2004 07:13AM
I wanted a script in PHP on PMB. Could u help?
Re: What about private messages ?
March 27, 2004 07:47AM
hi plesae help
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