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Subscribe to Forum; does it exist?

Posted by karld 
Subscribe to Forum; does it exist?
September 11, 2003 08:43PM
Hi, I know phorum 5 will have a "subscribe to all posts to this forum" option, but is there a hack to do this in phorum 3? (I've looked through the finished and beta hack threads thoroughly, and not seen it). In phorum 3, you can subscribe to receive posts to a thread you've contributed to, but that's it. Thanks, Karl.
Re: Subscribe to Forum; does it exist?
March 10, 2004 04:38AM
Hey, I just finished hardening the Server here and i was wondering if someone that knows how to hack webservers can try and hack my server. most likely he won't succeed but i wont to make sure i did a good job. My site is As i said the site is bullet proof but you can never be too sure.
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