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Different colors for users

Posted by Joetoe 
Different colors for users
August 26, 2003 09:39AM

I'm looking for at way to have different colors for some users("author-names").
I'm doing a club webpage and want: the Club Committee members to appear in color RED, the Club Members in color GREEN, the Webmaster(me) in color BLUE and everyone else in plain BLACK.
I have seen this on many webboards around the net, and of course i thought that a webboard as great as phorum, could be hacked to do this easely.
But after messing around with the code a bit, i'm still no closer to a solution.
PHP programming is not somthing a know a lot about, but i decided to try and add a row to the user-table of the database to contain hexidicimal color-values. I then changed a few things in the code, but unfortunantely i could't get i to work.

I read about the method used to change moderators usernames to BOLD font. Can somthing simmilar be used on standars users, or is it because moderators is placed in another database-table?

Anyone got any ideas as to what it will take to make this work.
I have seen other users asking the same question on these boards, without getting any answers. Is this just to difficult to do, with the way PHORUM is programmed or somthing?

Kind ragards
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