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Use one phorum on deferent sites

Posted by todosa 
Use one phorum on deferent sites
July 15, 2003 11:06AM
Hi all.
I want to use one phorum for 2 or more sites.
I have a couple of sites but want to have one phorum administration
My question is how i can create deferent phorum design's and use them on a diferent sites

Thanks in advance:)
ps: exuse my bad english
Re: Use one phorum on deferent sites
September 09, 2003 02:20AM
As long as the both / all your sites can access the same database, or are hosted in the same place, then it's easy.

Just create a new forum, enter the existing database table name, and choose "table already exists." The new forum uses the same database table as your existing forum, so all the posts are exactly the same on both.
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