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a set of suggestions.

Posted by pablo 
a set of suggestions.
March 20, 2003 09:00AM
having used phorum for some time now. i have run across a few things that i wanted to suggest (and i apologize if these have been suggested before).

now that the verification of a user's email address is included in the phorum package, i think that it would also be helpful to have an option where the users email address would be verified after a change of email in the profile. with the site that i run users too often change their email to something such as to avoid the site having a verified address.

secondly. the new permission levels are a great idea. but what about a mass move function built in, in the case that every user on the board should be upgraded to a new number. the reason that i am thinking of this is for the purpose of creating a banned user group. so that instead of deleting accounts i may just deactivate their access to the system and print out a banned user page.

and lastly.
the addition of display flags to the users. so that when using a memberlist
certain accounts would not be displayed to the public
such as admin accounts, banned users, etc.

i plan to pursue these ideas and develop what mods i can, but any feedback from you all on the validity of these ideas and/or suggestions would be great.
Re: a set of suggestions.
May 06, 2003 07:45AM
Hi Pablo,
wouldn't it be nice also to have an indicator in the openig page for forums containing new posts?
So that one doesn't have to open each forum to see if there is a new posting.

brgds Piet.
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