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phorummail add-on to check POP box

Posted by Christofer Burger 
phorummail add-on to check POP box
January 06, 2003 09:24AM
Hi everyone,

I would like to use the phorummail functionality, but I don't have access to the mailer config files on my virtual server. I presume I am not the first one to come across this problem, since a lot of people do have access to those config files but are not allowed to have their mailer run scripts.

It should not be hard to work around this by, for example, checking a POP mailboxe very time list.php or index.php is run and then having the mails processed by phorummail.php .

Has anyone come across a solution like this before? I guess I could do it myself, but then I am a crap programmer and would prefer something more solid.

Thanks for your help

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