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Subject email cutting?

Posted by MattxWCWW 
Subject email cutting?
November 22, 2002 08:43AM
On my phorum, I want to display the users email, with the subject, so I people can just click a link to email them instead of clicking their profile, so I've tried this...

<?php echo $lAuthor;?>:&nbsp;<?php echo $author; ?>&nbsp;<?php echo $host; ?><br />

Email: <a href=mailto:<?php echo $email ;?>?subject=<?php echo $subject;?>><?php echo $email ;?></a><br />

<?php echo $lDate;?>:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<?php echo $datestamp; ?><br />

Which I assume would work, but it cuts off the topic in the link. So let's say the topic was "Why won't this work" the email link will show up as...

It cuts off the rest of the subject after the first space. I've tried using $subject and $rawsub but no luck. Any ideas??
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