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"new"-symbol in reading-in-flat-mode, email-bug

Posted by Norfolk 
"new"-symbol in reading-in-flat-mode, email-bug
June 02, 2001 05:41PM
another hack-request :)

when reading messages in "flat-mode", all at once, i want the "new"-symbol ($lNew, 3.2.11) to appear at new postings. is there a hack already done?

and a bug... when viewing in "flat-mode", the email-address sticks through, so if i post with email-address, and somebody answers without email, a viewer will get my email-address visible as the address of the follow-up-poster. since the link at sourceforge dont give mit "closed bugs", i wonder if there is anything known about that problem?

you might view that bug at <a href="[]; target="_blank">[]; ... theworm has never entered an email. mind, that i have hacked the listing, so that the email-address is given net beneath but right of the autor in an extra "(email)"-link.
Re: &quot;new&quot;-symbol in reading-in-flat-mode, email-bug
June 02, 2001 06:14PM
ok, forget the second part of my posting about that bug... was a bug hacked into it by myself ...
Re: &quot;new&quot;-symbol in reading-in-flat-mode, email-bug
June 02, 2001 10:02PM
well you hacked the forum, so that's ur buisness to get out of that mess :)
i can help you though, but ur 2 posts above doesn't get us any closer.
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