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flat-message-view treelike as in multi-thread-view?

Posted by Norfolk 
flat-message-view treelike as in multi-thread-view?
June 02, 2001 02:20PM
I need 2 things at the flat-message-view... for 3.2.11

a) i want the messages displayed in a tree-like structure, as for example in threads-expanded-view, but with messages instead of the link, or as already similary done in phorum 4, but if possible with the line-images...

b) therefore its also a necessity for the messages to be sorted in tree-like stile, like in threads-expanded-view, while right now, the flat-view is sorted "newst message last", independent of parent-messages and such...

are there hacks available, or do i have to do it myself? *G*

btw. [] ("forum") and [] ("forum2") are my phorums. while hacking the "forum2", a second installation to substidude "forum" when ready, i came to the problem of hardcoded cookie-names for "phorum_name_cookie" and "phorum_email_cookie" ... this fucked up my cookie-management, since at least my netscape sets both cookies, distinguished by the path only, but obviously, you might get the wrong value back.

a simple solution is to integrate some phorum-name into the cookie-name. the cookies (named above) can be found in "post.php" and "form.php"

Re: flat-message-view treelike as in multi-thread-view?
June 02, 2001 09:59PM
you going to need to hack it yourself, and this means rewriting whole read.php :( or you can wait for p4 which will use your style.
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