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How can I add icons?

Posted by Pere Pinya 
How can I add icons?
May 14, 2001 12:10PM

How can I add icons in the phorum's toolbar, for example as in the page of users f2s support?

I believe that I have to modify the lang file, but what code I put in?

Thank you for your collaboration.
Re: How can I add icons?
May 15, 2001 07:50PM
uh, just add <img src="whatever">
Re: How can I add icons?
May 24, 2001 06:29PM

You are correct modify your language file.

Just insert an img tag next to the toolbar words


$lCollapseThreads = "[img src='images/collapse.gif' border='0'] Collapse Threads";

replace the [ ] with < >
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