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Kill Thread

Posted by Kyndig 
Kill Thread
May 08, 2001 04:05AM
Evening Gang,

Looking to work up a small mod in order to KILL threads with
a Moderators message for the reason that thread is killed.
I find that some threads get offtopic, and just continue
to deteriorate after continued posts. What I'd like to do is
modify the admin interface to allow moderators to KILL a thread.
If a thread is killed, no replies will be able to be posted
to this thread. I understand a simple bool check will handle
this, and thats pretty much the easy part. Where I'm having
difficulty at is fully incorporating it into phorum to allow
the phorummail to perform a quickcheck prior to relaying any
emails against that thread. If the thread is killed, a return
to sender will be sent out with the simple message that
the thread has been killed.

It's not too difficult, but will take abit of patience. Has
anyone incorporated this into their forum? Or are there some
variables/functions I may have overlooked which can be used/adjusted to perform this feature?

Thankyou for your time and responses,
Re: Kill Thread
May 08, 2001 03:55PM
you are right, it's not hard to do, you just need new column in the db (sign) and some check if thread is closed, form doesn't show up.
Re: Kill Thread
May 08, 2001 06:37PM
Thankyou kindly for your response Vulpes. I need more than
'it can be done' and hot air. If you have source suggestions,
please let me know. I'm still in mid-stride of this small
modification. I am following the HIDE function process to
affect an entire thread at once, but am still abit fumbling
with the source ( wonderful code, awful implementation of HTML/PHP )

Thankyou for any continued suggestions or pointers.

Re: Kill Thread
May 08, 2001 07:31PM
I would love to give you some kind of code, but i'm in school, and i don't have access to source code.
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