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Phpwebsite phorum hack

Posted by heavenearth 
Phpwebsite phorum hack
April 02, 2001 07:46PM
Hi everyone,

Did anyone working on phorum hack for phpwebsite as a plugin? Phpwebsite is a news managament system hosted on [] . It is based on phpnuke and have similar but cleaner coding from phpnuke. Any help and suggestion to integrate this forum are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

P/s: I am not a developer of phpwebsite, just a newbie who are interested to integrate phorum to phpwebsite =).
Re: Phpwebsite phorum hack
April 02, 2001 08:07PM
What for, and what kind of integration are you talking about?
Re: Phpwebsite phorum hack
April 02, 2001 11:10PM
hi vulpes,

integration of phorum into the exisitng system as a plugin system. The phorum will have the feature that allowing registered user to post their message. User infomation was stored in the database instead of .htaccess file. Thanks.
Re: Phpwebsite phorum hack
April 03, 2001 12:34AM
i don't think anybody done something like that, you can try to check topic "login hack ready to go" in finished hacks forum, might help, might not.
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