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Language switch..

Posted by Jules 
Language switch..
March 20, 2001 10:06AM
I've been reading these boards once in a while and i prefer Phorums over most of the fancy and complex discussion boards out there. I wanted to implement it on a site im working on now and i was wondering if it will allow users to switch between languages (the menu options etc...) leaving it to their preference while navigating thru the forums. I saw there are language packs i can replace the original one with, but i am not aware of a language selection option for the users. Is there need for a hack to give this option? i wanted to give 2 or 3 language options; english/portuguese/spanish for example. Or maybe even more. If someone could please let me know, i'd appreciate it =) thx
Re: Language switch..
March 20, 2001 01:45PM
there is no feature for multi-language support, but i don't think it's too hard to make hack for it.

oh cool...
March 20, 2001 09:25PM
thx for the info..anyone up to making that little hack? heh =P
Re: oh cool...
March 21, 2001 02:31AM
You want hack, eh? Ok, i'll add it to the end of my long list...

March 21, 2001 05:05AM
ok thx bro...theres no hurry =P

Making the Hack...
May 08, 2001 12:21PM
i am new to phorum but i know php a little (at least the non web releated code),
and i may want to do this, but before that I like to, if anyone has done it already.

I think about s.o. like this:

Function that gets the user language, set in the browser, and then chooses
the rigth language file (if installed) and then set the language instead of the one,
defined in the forum properties.
Re: Making the Hack...
May 23, 2001 12:26PM
Looking for the same thing!
Re: Making the Hack...
June 04, 2001 05:36PM
I currently make some code for selecting the language depinding on the users
browsers settings. If someone else made already a language switching code please post it here...
Re: Making the Hack...
June 05, 2001 02:49AM
I have made tiny hack, see
for it. I have only tested it on my local server, it is too small /early to make a beta hack entry ;)
It chooses the language from the current browser settings.
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