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Preview before posting request

Posted by St…le Gismervik 
Preview before posting request
December 12, 2000 06:01PM
I would like to be able to preview the postings before finally submitting them to the forum. Have anyone made such a modification/hack or will any of you do it? ;)

- St…le
Re: Preview before posting request
February 18, 2001 04:48PM
So, anyone got this hack? I really would like this one. As well as a "edit message" for all users, so that they may edit their own message (if it is already in Phorum, let me know, sonce I can't find it)
Re: Preview before posting request
April 25, 2001 02:46AM
i am working on that.
Re: Preview before posting request
May 08, 2001 03:57AM
I just looked into the feasibility of doing this. It
is a very simple hack. I will work this up shortly
and do a test run for awhile. Here is how I intend on
tackling it:

in your post.php within the main webdirectory, towards the
end there is a !check_dup call, before this I will place

if(!check_dup() && !empty($preview) )

if(!check_dup() && !empty($post) )
/* this is the old check_dup() with the empty(post) check */

Then in the form.php file, at the very end, where it spits
out the POST button, add in a PREVIEW button. Store in that
preview button the variables which hold the textarea field
as well as any 'QUOTE' data. (havn't looked at it yet, may not
require this additional quote check..)

Finally, copy the form.php file to preview.php . Enter into that file and modify it to receive the variables passed from the PREVIEW button. Then, where you have the TEXTAREA field, just drop the parsed variable data. So in effect, when a person
clicks on preview, what they will see at the top of the page is what their post would look like. They scroll down, and there
is their textarea entry field with all the text they just entered in (easier this way for modifying). Then of course below that the PREVIEW and POST button as well.

Dry cut theory, but there is no reason for it not to work.

Re: Preview before posting request
May 08, 2001 04:00PM
just hold on, all because of your post, im going to finish up mine preview plugin (you can try to make a hack for it if you want, this server is loacated in free country so it's free forum :))
you will be able to use ether simple button or image. You will be able to use custom text in the button. Plus you can choose look of Preview easy, all online.
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