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Couple of questions

Posted by Axxe 
Couple of questions
November 24, 2000 05:28AM
Hi Vulpes,

First off I'd like to say nice work on your site.

Second how do you get the server info and people online text in the right corner?

Third how do you get the view variable in the forums?

Fourth do you know anything about CSS usage in Phorum, ie; can the defaults be overiden with a universal linked CSS?

Thanks in advance

RE: Couple of questions
November 24, 2000 08:25AM

1st thank you

2nd A) Server info and Phorum Version is just a plan text,
B) but people online is a 3rd person script you can find it here: []
Also i'll and record People online later.

3rd it a hack which you can find here: []

4th dotn't know much, i just used it for change Link color of Menu on the right...

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