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VBulletin compare with Phorum?

Posted by scott perkins 
VBulletin compare with Phorum?
October 03, 2000 01:33AM
I hope this is appropriate topic area but I need some help and I think this is pertinent to Phorums long term
success to know more about this.
I am not a programmer and cannot do an adequate job of
analyzing a recent player in the PHP MYSQL forum business that appears to in short order have become very popular in terms of users and sites etc.

The new Forum program is also based on PHP MYSQL
and it has many features that Phorum does not have but
that does not mean it is better. I know it could be poorly written and may crap out every five minutes etc.

[] is the main website and I wonder if anyone has examined the database structure or
have ideas about performance and disk space/ cpu /memory requirements or ability to more easily handle large traffic etc.

Certainly admin ease is an issue also and other things
I dont know about. Any objective comparison info would be appreciated... Scott in Atlanta
RE: VBulletin compare with Phorum?
October 03, 2000 04:53AM
The MAIN thing about Phorum is that it doesn't load system as forums that have more "feachers" also Phorum is very stable. I make this forum for make difference shorter between Phorum and UBB( or some sort of forum like UBB, cause we all know that the idea about making forum looks like UBB was infopop's

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