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Spanish (Latin) with an EN charset

Posted by MXnewbie 
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Spanish (Latin) with an EN charset
October 30, 2012 09:14AM
After trying many Spanish language files, nothing works. I got system error messages at the top of my phorum admin. After browsing some threads, I didn´t find any answer.

So, I made a quick fix. I created a new Spanish file using an English charset, removing "ñ" (I replace any word using "ñ" with a synonym wihtout "ñ") and any accent. So, you will not have any issue. Never. Not "grammatically correct at all", but It works.

Hope it helps a newbie.

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Re: Spanish (Latin) with an EN charset
July 14, 2016 06:31PM
I've made a version of this Spanish translation with accents and the special letter "ñ" included. The trick was on the format of the text, it should be "UTF-8 without a BOM". Also it is updated to Phorum v5.2.20.
I've tested it and works nice.
Very important: Don't update the language file thru the forum admin panel, because overwrites this one with another that causes problems with accents again.

He hecho una versión con acentos y letra ñ. Lo he probado y funciona todo OK.

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