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Language: Finnish

Posted by onni 
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finnish-5.2.8.php 36.9 KB open | download onni 08/18/2008 Read message
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Language: Finnish
August 18, 2008 04:43PM
This is a complete Finnish translation for UTF-8. It is based on an old Phorum 3 translation downloaded from here a few years ago. Even though it is complete it might not be very fluent and some translations might be out of context because it has been only used in a forum that doesn't take advantage of many of Phorum's features. Anyway it should work well as a base for improvement.
open | download - finnish-5.2.8.php (36.9 KB)
Re: Language: Finnish
October 17, 2010 08:22AM
This is my own version of finnish translation. Hope it's good enough. I don't never use flat structure, so I have no idea, if all the phrases are fluent with it.
open | download - finnish.php (39 KB)
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