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Phorum 5.2.16 released

Posted by Maurice Makaay 
Phorum 5.2.16 released
January 18, 2011 03:32PM
We are happy to announce the stable release of Phorum 5.2.16.
If you find any bugs in this release, then please report them to us and we will get them fixed as soon as possible.

Notice for admins who use the Embed Images module with the FancyBox viewer:
The only novelty in comparison to the second release candidate (5.2.16-RC2) is that we upgraded the jQuery library to version 1.4.4. If you are using a recent Embed Images module with the FancyBox image viewer, then you will have to upgrade the module to version 1.1.3 or higher to be compatible with jQuery 1.4.4.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version than 5.2.14, then keep the following in mind:
5.2.14 Announcement
Unfortunately this release also includes 3 template fixes which you might need to port to your custom template if you got them:
[] (a fix for the author's profile url in the unapproved messages panel)
[] (some fixes for the classic template, only needed you run a template derived from classic)
[] (fixes in the group membership panel so that users can actually join groups again)

You can download this new release from our downloads page.


A totally rewritten version of the Spam Hurdles module (2.0.2)

One of the big changes is that cryptographic technology is used to store work data right in the form data on the client instead of storing all of it in the database. Because of this, the module can now function without database storage at all. Only if the replay attack block is enabled ("Block forms that are submitted multiple times"), the database will be used to store the id's of the forms that have already been submitted. This database storage has been made as light as possible. After the id expires, it will be cleaned up from the database. We hope that this change will help those admins with busy forums that currently see the spam_hurdles table fill up rapidly in their databases.

Another change is that this new version of the module does support protecting the PM system as well. Note that you might need to update your pm_post.tpl as per changeset 4610 (addition of the tpl_pm_editor_before_textarea template hook).

If you have troubles with this new Spam Hurdles module, then use this thread to report them.

Improvements to the user management in the admin interface

Joe Curia has done some great work on the user management in the admin interface. The search form has been extended with extra options. Changes were done to improve the overall workflow of the user management (e.g. by keeping track of the page from which you come when clicking through to a user detail screen, making it possible to return to that same page and not simply to the first page). It is now possible to change a user's username.

Inclusion of the excellent jQuery javascript library

The jQuery library (version 1.4.4) has been added as a standard javascript library for Phorum. In Phorum 5.3, we will make extensive use of this library as the underlying layer for the Phorum javascript library (you can already see where this is going in the 5.3 development tree). If you want to make use of jQuery code in your Phorum javascript code, then you can access the bundled jQuery library using the $PJ (Phorum Jquery) variable. We do not use the standard $ variable, to prevent running into collisions with possible other js frameworks that might be using $ already.

A wide range of new hooks

Extra hooks in the phorum_output() code to provide extra and more fine grained control to modules that want to hook into the output phase. New hooks: output_templates, output_templates_<page>, start_output_<page>, after_header_<page>, before_footer_<page>, end_output_<page>

Other new hooks (lots of them contributed as patches by Markus Fisher): tpl_profile, tpl_cc_start, event_logging_writelog, admin_menu, admin_forum_delete, posting_action_cancel_post and posting_action_edit_post.

Full Changelog for this release

2011-01-18 20:58 mmakaay

        * Upgraded the jQuery library from 1.4.2 to 1.4.4. 
          Note: when using the Embed Images module with the FancyBox viewer,
          then this module must be upgraded to version 1.1.3 or higher to be
          compatible with the new jQuery library.

2010-11-29 17:08  ts77
	* show the current controlcenter panel also in the breadcrumbs and
	  the page title

   2010-11-16 18:51  mmakaay
	* Load defaults.php file, so an unconfigured username restrictions
	  module will not trigger PHP warnings because of undefined

   2010-11-16 11:58  mmakaay
	* Added an API function phorum_api_user_get_active_user(), which can
	  be used to retrieve the data for the currently active (i.e. logged
	  in) Phorum user. When no user is logged in, then the function will
	  return NULL.

   2010-11-12 07:43  mmakaay
	* When passing $return_threads = TRUE to phorum_db_search() while
	  searching for messages posted by a given user ($match_type =
	  USER_ID), the function will now only return the thread starter
	  messages that were posted by the user that is being searched on.

   2010-11-06 22:57  ts77
	* added bbcode option to add nofollow only to external urls.

   2010-11-02 10:17  ts77
	* added new hook user_save_groups

   2010-10-28 21:14  mmakaay
	* Added overflow: hidden to the generic div, so floated content
	  inside these divs will be correctly wrapped by the div.

   2010-10-28 21:08  mmakaay
	* The Phorum JavaScript library (jQuery + the Phorum javascript
	  code) is now available from within the admin interface as well.
	  Template specific javascript code and javascript code that is
	  supplied by modules are not included in the package that is loaded
	  by the admin interface (to prevent loading code that might be
	  assuming to be run in the Phorum front end.)

   2010-10-26 13:58  mmakaay
	* Added a hook "after_post_redirect" that can be used to tweak the
	  redirect URL that is used for redirecting the user after posting a
	  forum message.

   2010-10-22 09:43  mmakaay
	* Implemented phorum_api_image_supported() and
	  phorum_api_http_get_supported() which can be used to check if the
	  hosting platform supports the respective Phorum API layers.

   2010-10-22 00:35  mmakaay
	* Changes in the BBcode callback handling, to provide callback
	  handlers with the message that is being parsed. This way, the
	  callback code can perform actions that need to be context-aware.
	  Also, deprecated the use of dl() calls in the http_get and image
	  APIs. This is done because of the following warning on the PHP
	  site: "This function has been removed from some SAPI's in PHP 5.3"

   2010-10-16 22:32  mmakaay
	* Modified placement of the #REPLY anchor in the templates (moved
	  from the start of posting.tpl to the end of read.tpl). This takes
	  care of letting the page jump down when the user click "Reply" and
	  the "Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum" message
	  is showing down there.

   2010-10-15 21:20  mmakaay
	* Feeds were not disabled when disabling them from the admin
	  interface settings. They were only hidden from the templates.
	  Therefore calling the feed script to load feed data still worked.
	  This bug is fixed by this release. When disabling the feed option,
	  the feed.php script will block access to the feeds too now.

   2010-10-15 16:09  mmakaay
	* Fixes to improve the Modified-Since handling for javascript and CSS caching.

   2010-10-14 23:56  mmakaay
	* Fixed a problem with CSS and JavaScript caching not automatically refreshing.
          Because the the cache key was not MD5'ed, the cache key could grow too large
          for the memcached caching layer.

   2010-10-11 23:44  mmakaay
	* Added a work-around for the Spam Hurdles ASCII art CAPTCHA in
	  combination with browsers in which the monospace font was set to a
	  proportional font. The font now is configured as Courier New and
	  Courier, before falling back to the monospace option that is
	  controlled by the browser.

   2010-10-11 23:28  mmakaay
	* Release Spam Hurdles version 2.0.2 as the default version for both
	  Phorum 5.2 and the Phorum development trunk.

   2010-07-16 12:02  ts77
	* added attachments as input to the send_email hook (thanks to
	  Oliver Riesen)

   2010-07-04 20:45  ts77
	* invalidate message cache on approval, thanks to Markus Fischer

   2010-07-04 20:07  ts77
	* applied patches from Joe Curia for enhanced Edit User Panel

   2010-06-30 14:18  ts77
	* formatting and escaping announcements correctly now (closing a
	  possible security issue), thanks to Patrick Kaiser

   2010-06-30 14:00  ts77
	* checking correctly for jpeg support in php 5.3 too, thanks to
	  phorum user nedanko in #948 for the report.

   2010-06-30 13:52  ts77
	* New hooks: admin_forum_delete, posting_action_cancel_post,
	  posting_action_edit_post, thanks to Markus Fischer (closing #949)

   2010-06-30 13:43  ts77
	* added new admin menu hook, thanks for the thorough implementation
	  to Markus Fischer (#945)

   2010-06-30 13:27  ts77
	* User deletion - clearing recent message data, thanks to Markus
	  Fischer (closing #946)

   2010-06-30 13:24  ts77
	* event_logging: hook to intercept $loginfo, thanks to Markus
	  Fischer (closing #947)

   2010-06-30 13:20  ts77
	* Add "message" and "details" filter capability to mod
	  event_logging, thanks to Markus Fischer (closing #942)

   2010-06-30 13:15  ts77
	* phorum_cache_put() verify fopen() call, thanks to Markus Fischer
	  (closing #943)

   2010-06-10 13:16  mmakaay
	* Added the jQuery library to 5.2 and the $PJ compatbility wrapper
	  to prevent collissions with possible other js frameworks that
	  might be using $ already.

   2010-06-10 12:53  mmakaay
	* Fixing editor tools popups in a page that uses relative and/or
	  absolute CSS positioning for layout.

   2010-05-23 21:00  mmakaay
	* Fix for #952: Malformed javascript in form_objects.js.php

   2010-05-20 09:46  ts77
	* fixed timezone setting in forum settings panel. it got off with
	  dst enabled (closing #950, thanks to Phorum user Skye for the

   2010-04-23 22:45  mmakaay
	* Added extra hooks in the phorum_output() code to provide extra and
	  more fine grained control to modules that want to hook into the
	  output phase. New hooks: output_templates,
	  output_templates_<page>, start_output_<page>, after_header_<page>,
	  before_footer_<page>, end_output_<page>.

   2010-04-19 15:20  ts77
	* added two new template hooks: tpl_profile and tpl_cc_start in the
	  relevant templates

   2010-04-16 14:32  mmakaay
	* Added missing language strings to BBcode mod.

   2010-04-01 21:52  mmakaay
	* Fixed some hook documentation issues.

   2010-03-31 13:13  mmakaay
	* Bug fix: do not update the last_post_time of a forum in case a
	  message is approved that was posted before the active
	  last_post_time of that forum.

   2010-03-26 12:55  ts77
	* fixed pm_send_init hook, thanks to Charlie Brown (in #941)

   2010-03-18 12:20  mmakaay
	* Fix for #938: client.js.php steps on javascript Phorum object The
	  way in which existence of the Phorum object was checked was wrong
	  because of some legacy code in the Ajax js lib. This change should
	  fix the issue.

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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Re: Phorum 5.2.16 released
January 20, 2011 01:00PM
congratulations and 1.000.000 thanks


Re: Phorum 5.2.16 released
January 30, 2011 12:10AM
Can this one utilize the facebook login?
Re: Phorum 5.2.16 released
January 30, 2011 12:24AM
Ok, If I could edit or delete that last thread I would, I found where the version number was mentioned that utilizes the facebook login and it's not this one. :( I found a different discussion board that allows facebook/google/liveid for logging in to use. But good luck on the continuing project.
Re: Phorum 5.2.16 released
January 31, 2011 03:57PM


^AU^ Assassins United
Phorum Announcements
June 12, 2011 10:09PM
Hi Maurice,
A small remark, not about 5.2.16, but about Announcements and News:

A friend told me yesterday that he thought Phorum was an abandoned project!?? When I asked him why he said that, he told me that last times he came on [] he always saw the same old message in the News block of the Home Page, with dates of 2006 and 2007...
Maybe he is not alone to react like that? So a small suggestion: Put in News block a link toward the last "Released" message, with clear date of this release.

Phorum is alive :)
Re: Phorum Announcements
June 13, 2011 05:11AM
Hell yeah it is! We are a bunch of coders and not marketing people I'm afraid ;-) Next release, I'll see to it that we include some news on the front page about it too. I just use a single link (Recent Messages) on the site, so I rarely see the front page.

Thanks for the remark and say "Hi from Phorum" to that friend of yours ;-)

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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