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Phorum-5.2.14 released

Posted by Thomas Seifert 
Phorum-5.2.14 released
November 22, 2009 06:36PM
We are happy to announce our latest stable release Phorum-5.2.14.
It is a bug fix release over 5.2.13 fixing some issues reported (including patches, thanks folks!) and adds some hooks.

As there were again some users having problems while running phorum on PHP4 we made PHP5 a requirement with this version. Effectively that means that users running PHP4 won't be able to install Phorum anymore and the install screen will tell them so.

Unfortunately this release also includes 3 template fixes which you might need to port to your custom template if you got them. These are:
[] (a fix for the author's profile url in the unapproved messages panel)
[] (some fixes for the classic template, only needed you run a template derived from classic)
[] (fixes in the group membership panel so that users can actually join groups again)

You can download this new release from our downloads page.

This is the excerpt from the changelog:
   2009-11-20 08:52  mmakaay
	* Another try at fixing the vroot issue for root level RSS feeds.

   2009-11-18 14:57  ts77
	* fixed vroot feeds

   2009-10-18 10:26  ts77
	* fix profile url of the author in the unapproved message panel
	  (template change, fixing #897)

   2009-10-18 10:13  ts77
	* suppress notices from connect calls, as it would break redirection
	  to a down page and errors itself are handled later in the code
	  (thanks to CBill for noticing that issue)

   2009-10-17 11:02  ts77
	* fixing unsubscribe handling while replying (fixed #884, thanks to
	  Thomas Subera)

   2009-10-17 10:52  ts77
	* added two new admin hooks as provided by Markus Fischer in #895.
	  ATTENTION: no support in 5.3 for these as the handling in
	  newforum.php is totally different there!

   2009-10-17 10:38  ts77
	* rebuild search data only when "empty_search_table" is not set
	  (fixing #883, thanks to Markus Fischer)

   2009-10-17 10:30  ts77
	* using the default template when creating new folders (patch from
	  Markus Fischer in #886, thanks)

   2009-10-16 22:22  ts77
	* added ability to log user deletion to Event Logging through patch
	  from Markus Fischer (fixing #893)

   2009-10-16 22:11  ts77
	* only accepting css templates as arguments for css.php and check
	  for empty param (fixing #887)

   2009-10-14 13:52  ts77
	* turning TYPE=MyISAM into ENGINE=MyISAM to make Phorum compatible
	  with more recent MySQL versions. This effectively makes Phorum
	  incompatible with MySQL4 which is therefore stated in the install

   2009-10-03 12:32  ts77
	* #  fixing group membership panel (adding POST_VARS and fixing html)

   2009-09-29 22:39  mmakaay
	* MFT: # Fix for #891: version parsing problem in the modules API.

   2009-09-29 20:00  mmakaay
	* Added a sanity check to see if the version of PHP is 5.0.0 or
	  higher. When the version is lower, then a critical error is
	  returned. Effectively, people that are running PHP4 won't be able
	  to install Phorum anymore, unless they upgrade to PHP5.

   2009-09-29 06:41  mmakaay
	* Moved the hard-coded max message length to a definition in

   2009-09-13 10:20  mmakaay
	* Fixed bug: the recently added anti-XSS code for the font size
	  BBcode did not accept x-large and x-small as valid sizes. Thanks
	  to Robert Angle for the heads up!

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