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Defaut Template

Posted by tultalk 
Defaut Template
February 21, 2017 02:46PM
Reading 3.3 Starting Your Own Template - take default template from templates/default and copy ...

There is no default directiory.???????

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Bob Tulloch
Re: Defaut Template
February 21, 2017 03:12PM
default is now emerald

Thomas Seifert
Re: Defaut Template
February 21, 2017 08:55PM
Ok that explains that. In the settings file there are various colors defined for specific variables used somewhere.
I tried changing some of the values based on what I thought the vaiables might be used for. No effect. I searched files for occurances of variable names such as body+background_color and found no occurrences. On what template are these variables used?

These are color var settings from emerald template"

{! -- colors -- }
{VAR body_background_color "white"}
{VAR default_font_color "black"}
{VAR default_background_color "white"}
{VAR alt_background_color "#edf2ed"} {! -- should compliment default_background_color -- }
{VAR highlight_background_color "#f0f7f0"} {! -- should compliment the two above -- }
{VAR border_color "#4d894d"}
{VAR border_font_color "white"}
{VAR quote_border_color "#808080"}
{VAR pre_border_color "#c4c6a2"}
{VAR pre_background_color "#feffec"}
{VAR link_color "#355f35"}
{VAR link_hover_color "#709ccc"}
{VAR new_color "red"}
{VAR logo_background_color "#78ad78"}
{VAR breadcrumb_border_color "#b6b6b6"}
{VAR post_moderation_background_color "#fffdf6"}
{VAR information_border_color "#62a762"}
{VAR information_background_color "#e6ffe6"}
{VAR warning_border_color "#a76262"}
{VAR warning_background_color "#ffd1d1"}
{VAR span_addition_background_color "#cbffcb"}
{VAR span_addition_font_color "#000000"}
{VAR span_removal_background_color "#ffcbcb"}
{VAR span_removal_font_color "#000000"}
{VAR message_background_color "white"}
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