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Phorumstrap v1.0.1.5 Theme

Posted by jhcodes 
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Phorumstrap v1.0.1.5 Theme
December 28, 2015 02:11AM
Hello there! I am new to the forum, but has long manufactured this template for all of you, I hope you will enjoy it, a greeting and here I leave the download link on my site, the download is free and the template is still in beta stage blessings.

Download theme: []

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Re: Phorumstrap v1.0.1.5 Theme
April 01, 2016 10:24AM
The screenshots of your template look great, unfortunately the uploaded template doesn't produce the same look. Your folder structure is incorrect or your stylesheet links in header.tpl are incorrect.

Also an FYI for people looking to download this, it's currently only coded for flat list view and flat read view, the the threaded and hybrid views are incomplete.

I honestly think this template has great potential and gives Phorum a fresh clean look, it's just a shame it's still in beta.

Jake Morgan
Independent Pulling News
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