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I have been trying to modify and experment with my template and I think something went wrong

Posted by rchecka 
I have an old phone, it's a Samsung Galaxy SII, but until I started messing with trying new templates and ultimately failing and reverting back to the old faithful Simple Blue template, I can no longer see my forum on my phone.

For some reason the only template that works at all at this point is simple-blue. All other templates fail to load properly so I don't know what is wrong. I am assuming I broke something but I'm at a loss.

The front page works fine, but once you click on any link from the front page it shows a blank page on my phone. Also the header and the footer no longer appear on my phone even on the front page. Keep in mind on other newer browsers it works fine, and it works on my friends newer phones with no troubles, and I don't have a mobile template, so there must be something wrong with the template that doesn't allow it to work right on my phone.

Can anyone help me identify what went wrong with my template that would have broken it on older stock phone browsers like mine?

I'm not going to insert a hyperlink here now, but my site is cratedigging . co

Can anyone see where I forgot to dot an i or cross a t? I don't remember editing anything but I can't think the stuff I did is coincidence, it's not my phone, it's gotta be an error.
Sorry, maybe this belongs in the support forum. Please move it if it does.

But I found one thing that may be the issue or at least it points to the issue.

On my phone, when I show the banner on my front page, I see the banner of rotating pictures and I see everything below it but nothing above the rotating pictures.

When I use the banner manager mod and tell the banner to go to the bottom of the page, it only shows the moving pictures and the footer only.

If I turn off the banner manager completely, then my site cannot be seen at all on my phone.

Why in the name of holiness is this suddenly happening??

Why would the banner manager being on or off show nothing above it no matter what and nothing at all on my phone if it is turned off?

This was my fault! (I'm sure you are saying "NO DUH!")

I had the doctype in the General Settings "Phorum Head Tags"

I had this...

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "[];

Then I had my metadescription and my meta keywords which, of course, should be there.

<style type="text/css">

I removed them (the crossed out stuff above) since they were already on header.tpl and suddenly, even on my old ass phone the page loaded again.

Even when you guys don't help me simply going thru the steps talking it over helps me get to the problem child. So thanks for being there.

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