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Private Messages broken with spam_hurdles on

Posted by spittendrigh 
Private Messages broken with spam_hurdles on
July 17, 2014 01:22PM
Private messages work with the emerald template. But Emerald's colors don't match my enclosing website.

I tried Aerial Boundaries and Coffeeshop. For both of those private messages produce an error message, for ANY pm, saying it was rejected as spam. The settings for spam hurdles complain the hook {HOOK "tpl_pm_editor_before_textarea"} is missing in pm_post.tpl

So I added that hook into pm_post.tpl (for coffeeshop template) in the same place it appeared in emerald. But pm's are still gabust.

Any hints about this?

I tried turning spam_hurdles off and got almost 300 bogus login names in less than a week. So somebody's bot is getting in when spam_hurdles is off.

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Re: Private Messages broken with spam_hurdles on
July 18, 2014 08:42AM
OK I fixed it. Private Messages produced an error (every time) with the Coffeeshop and Aerial Boundaries templates, if and only if spam_hurdles was turned on. I tried editing pm_post.tpl without success.

So I COPIED pm_post.tpl from emerald into coffeeshop (which best matches my enclosing color scheme) and now private messages work, when spam_hurdles are turned on.
Re: Private Messages broken with spam_hurdles on
February 07, 2017 05:55AM
Thanks for that spittendrigh, and had the same problem and was unable to solve it, cheers.
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