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Template minus tables

Posted by artisites 
Template minus tables
April 27, 2012 07:02PM
I've not used phorum for a couple of versions. Am I correct in saying the default templates makes extensive use of tables for layout?

Is there a default template which doesn't have tables for layout in the markup?

Re: Template minus tables
April 27, 2012 07:43PM
All of the templates I have tried, have tables.
Tables have the advantage of working in the old and new browsers. That said I would be interested in a table-free template, if you create one.
Re: Template minus tables
December 30, 2012 09:08PM
I took a look at my aging tables-based CSS layout. It looks like HTML markup surrounding various smarty template like things. How hard can it be to make a more modern liquid or fluid layout?

Ah. Ooops. This is a tpl/css nightmare. There's got to be a better way. Templates are too coupled to hidden php codes. And far too hard to modify. This tpl/css noodle soup is more difficult than PHP code. This stuff is like the Emporer's new clothes. Everybody uses it. So everybody defends it. But it's a horror show.

A system built arund XML page config files that map XML elements to HTML block element id="whatever" and src="php_content_genterator_plugin" is cleaner and easier to modify. That's how I do it

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