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Question about display ordering

Posted by OWHorus 
Question about display ordering
October 08, 2011 09:36AM

I am new here and would like to thank you for this great software. I am in the process of integrating it into my site.

I used the 'search' feature, but nothing came up - so here a (newbie) question:

If I use 2 different mods (in my case it is forumstats and onlineusers) and enable both of them, I have both divs on the bottom below the forum list and before the last footer. This is what I expected - but: What if I want to display the two results in different order?
I just edited the layout/look of onlinestats for my site style, this worked well. I will now change the style for the forumstats display. But I cannot find out, how to exchange the two outputs, now I have forumstats before onlinestats, I would like it the other way around.

Another connected question: What if I would like to combine the output of these two mods into one div? Can this be done in a clean way?

Thank you for your patience - I suspect this is somewhere in the manuals, but I did not find it yet...

Re: Question about display ordering
October 08, 2011 11:17AM
What happens is that the module get run in rather random order currently, because there is no priority setting in them for the before_footer hook. If you want to tweak this, then you can edit the info.txt of the module that you want to display at the top and add something like:

priority: run hook before_footer before *

After doing this, go to the admin interface to make it load the new priority setting. Just entering the admin section should be enough, since that will already trigger the reload.

Putting the output in a single div in not really a simple option here, since it is output from two different modules. But you could create a custom template for the modules to have the one at the top start the <div> and have the one and the bottom end the </div>. When you have more modules enabled that show up in the footer, this might become a bit harder, since for those you would not have priority information either, possibly making the module output show up in the middle of your div construction. Of course module priorities can be used to tweak that behavior as well.

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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October 08, 2011 02:35PM
Thank you, this works well - again learned something ;-)

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