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How to use the templates in this forum

Posted by Joe Curia 
How to use the templates in this forum
September 30, 2008 12:02PM
Installing Templates in Phorum:

Download a template from the Phorum site. Be sure that the template is compatible with your current version of Phorum (ie. a 5.1 template will not be compatible with Phorum 5.2.X and vice-versa).

Unpack the template's zip file. Each template should be in a separate folder. Most templates are packaged this way in the zip file. If not, please create a folder in your phorum_root/templates folder to hold the template. Upload the template files into this folder. When finished you should have the following folders: phorum_root/templates/your_template and probably phorum_root/templates/your_template/images complete with the necessary files.

NOTE: If you plan on making any changes to the new template to customize it for your site, it is recommended that you rename both the template (found in the template's info.php file) and the template's folder. This will help you avoid upgrading issues in the future which may overwrite your customizations.

Now open the admin section of your forum and go to Default Settings to assign the new template as the default for your phorum site. If you have created folders, you will need to edit each folder in the Manage Forums and select the new template. You should also do this for any forums for which you have chosen not to use the default forum settings.

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Re: How to use the templates in this forum
June 09, 2014 09:14AM
Upload to templates directory.

                              template you downloaded
Go to admin
                      Default Settings
                           - Display Settings

Fixed Display-Settings (user can't override them) set to...  NO  if you allow users to make a choice.
Template... Whichever you want as default, or the one you want to use if users not allowed to change (above line YES)

If you customized each forum, rather than using the Default, you will need to change these settings in each forum.

If users are allowed to change the Template, they may do it in their
Control Center
                         Forum Settings
                           -drop down with choices
Re: How to use the templates in this forum
October 27, 2015 05:12AM
Same problem here.
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