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Emerald help page(s)?

Posted by Steve H 
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Emerald help page(s)?
December 13, 2007 01:30PM
As nice as the new emerald template is, it takes some getting used to. Especially for my less computer-savvy users. Therefore, I am looking for some basic help pages to get people going. If anyone has written some, please share.

One in particular I'd like to see is something listing all of the new icons and what they mean. I am thinking of using bbcode to reference those images and include them in a post with descriptions. Or again, if someone has already done this, it would save me time.

Something like this:

- new message
- sticky
- announcement
Re: Emerald help page(s)?
December 13, 2007 01:44PM
Hmm, no, but if you do make it, please share. Perhaps even if this could be integrated into the list template it would be nice.

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Re: Emerald help page(s)?
December 13, 2007 03:03PM
Well, one thing I discovered making that post is that I had to make an absolute link to the image, rather than a relative one

instead of

This means whoever uses my example will have to edit it to point to their own installation, or else be sucking's bandwidth.

Also, I see this forum is lacking the "Disable BBcode for this message" option, so I can't post the code here?

Finally, I'm guessing you mean adding a legend, say, at the bottom of list.php? That would be a decent idea, but not as complete as the list I am thinking of. Perhaps a brief legend with a link to a help page template? Ok.. the gears are turning now...
Re: Emerald help page(s)?
December 13, 2007 04:21PM
Ok, so here is a basic legend.tpl

1. Add it into your template directory
2. Edit list.tpl and lists threads.tpl and insert these lines at the end, (just before the last line br) or to taste:
3. Modify the words "Legend" and "Icons" to fit your language, or add to the language file to do it properly.

<div class="nav">
    {INCLUDE "legend"}

edit: added the moderate icons for moderators

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