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Emerald Transparency Fixes & Questions

Posted by JAB Creations 
Emerald Transparency Fixes & Questions
November 29, 2007 12:29AM
This will probably be one of those long drawn out threads just to be forewarned until I've fixed the emerald template images.

What I'm doing right now is essentially creating a new template for 5.2 using Emerald as the base (modifying EVERYTHING). This includes the icons. My site's default background color (until I re-add multiple theme support as I won't until I have a final master of the current theme hence work on the forums) is black and therefor the images are very rough. So I will post a zip file of the fixed images that should look great once finished regardless of the background color as well as being much smaller in size per image.

Current questions, carat.gif and delete.gif, where can I find these images (in use) on 5.2? I can find them in the code fine though I'm still new to Phorum and I'm not sure what files are used when/where.

John A. Bilicki III
Re: Emerald Transparency Fixes & Questions
November 29, 2007 03:18AM
carat.gif and delete.gif, are in the images dir, in the template dir. i.e. /emerald/images/
Re: Emerald Transparency Fixes & Questions
November 29, 2007 03:20AM

Where can I find these images (in use)

...meaning where on Phorum are they used? List page, search page, edit forums admin page, etc.
Re: Emerald Transparency Fixes & Questions
November 29, 2007 07:08AM
I've finished fixing the icons for Phorum 5.2 Emerald theme to work with all background colors. Additionally they are almost all smaller in size compared to the originals. To use these you'll have to use Advanced Find and Replace (or another text find and replace application) to replace the PNG extension with the GIF extension. The original 50 images had a total size of 28,014 bytes, the edited set I've uploaded has a total size of 7,539 bytes.

Download the zip file by right clicking on the link below...

Screenshot of the original icons...

Screenshot of the updated icons...

I'm still working on my Phorum template of course. ;-)

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