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Attachment based module information

Posted by billthefish 
Attachment based module information
November 04, 2014 11:11AM
I've been musing writing a module that overrides the existing attachment functionality and allows a per attachment file type size limit. Also the current system of having each forum set it's own attachment permissions, while useful in some settings, is cumbersome when I want to change those settings board wide since I have to individually update the forums that don't inherit from the master so I may write something for this too.

After that overly longwinded setup here's my question, what hook(s) do the core developers recommend to accomplish this?


P.S. Huge thanks to the developers of the Phorums software. After extensive research, Phorum still remains the best choice for people to want to have both flat and threaded views coexist. The Hybrid Thread view is awesome, my users love it, and nobody else does it.
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